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1000 mg Rack Ops CBD – Sleep Aid

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Made with high-quality CBD isolate, our Flavorless High Potency tincture is formulated in our very own facility through a vertically integrated process that delivers a high-quality product to you. Using hemp grown on our family farm in Wisconsin, we painstakingly extract CBD crystals from the plant using many steps in our natural corn ethanol and fractional distillation processes.

2 reviews for 1000 mg Rack Ops CBD – Sleep Aid

  1. Jaime E Delgado

    If you are having sleep issues, this is the solution. This product is amazing. I have been getting great quality sleep with this CBD. Rack Ops has a customer for life.

  2. Dave

    It’s very apparent that the Rack Ops Team puts in an enormous amount of work into this product and the integrity of transparency is refreshing. Comparitively, I’ve woken up feeling sluggish and sort of “hazy” with other CBD products, which becomes an obstacle when I train at the gym at 4 AM. However, I’ve never had that feeling with Rack Ops CBD. Having used this product now for over a year, I’m fairly certain the addition of chemicals in other CBD products was leaving me sluggish in the morning. The organic nature and vertical process of Rack Ops CBD is just another reason why this is my preferred sleep aid for quality sleep and muscle recovery.

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