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About Us

About Us

We founded Rack Ops CBD to be solution for veterans who are looking for a natural organic relief.  We created a top-quality, trusted USA made CBD product.  

Our Story

As a Green Beret/Special Forces Engineer we depend on transparency and trust on the missions and the same goes for Rack Ops CBD.

I came back from overseas lost and looking for something to put a band-aid on the moral injuries within. We run to bars and drugs to ignore those moral injuries. At the end of the day, we suffer, along with our loved ones watching us go through this. We all have been deployed overseas and have breathed in burning trash piles and tires outside of our base camps. I didn’t come back to the states wanting to get harmful chemicals and pills down my throat so I found a solution. CBD, unfortunately, that solution was hard to trust based on a lack of transparency in the industry.  At this time 70% of the CBD in the states is imported from overseas.

I took matters into my own hands, and along with my partner in life and business, we stood up a transparent and honest company, ran on our family farm, by us to ensure that quality control stays the highest priority. Veterans are the backbone of this country, I appreciate you and want to give you the best, just as you have given for us all.

Our Mission

Our  goal is to innovate, impact and establish a strong presence in the Veteran community.

In a rapidly growing sea of options and saturation, we are the beacon; you are looking for something special, something new, something you can trust. The veteran community is often ostracized for seeking out help for mental health issues, especially alternative medicines. We want the Vet community to know you can trust us because we’ve been there, we’ve served, we’ve fought, and now we desire to heal. In healing others, those that share this all too common and familiar bond, we heal ourselves.

This product adheres to an ethos of sustainability and unparalleled quality control, utilizing only the finest ingredients.